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Re: Synology DS109+ booting NetBSD (to root prompt)

David Brownlee wrote:

>> But I hesitate to put mpc83xx boards into sandpoint, because the
>> Sandpoint reference platform means mpc824x based boards only.
> arm32 was split into acorn32, shark and various others (quite some
> time back), so maybe it makes sense to just rename sandpoint and split
> (some ports out of) evbppc. It might not, but its at least worth
> considering.

It is worth considering, although I would prefer to keep sandpoint as it is,
which is a small and mature port covering all existing mpc824x NAS boxes.

When I'm looking at evbppc it seems to me that all boards in it are still
experimental, without any real world use. I don't even see a boot-loader,
which would enable you to just turn the device on and use it, without
having to enter U-Boot commands over a serial terminal first... :)

I would like my mpc83xx NAS port to reach the same mature state as
sandpoint, so evbppc doesn't seem to fit.

Frank Wille

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