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Re: NetBSD hangs while executing /sbin/init in IBM 405 GP eval board.

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 10:29:00PM +0530, mindentropy wrote:
> My host is Ubuntu.

That should be fine.  Copy the MAKEDEV script from a NetBSD/evbppc
distribution tarball (or from a build), and run that to create the
devices.  I don't think you need to host on NetBSD.

> Right now I got a spare hd and loaded netbsd in it. I will mount the linux 
> partition and copy the devices from netbsd partition to linux partition.

You don't want to use the i386 or amd64/x86_64 devices for evbppc.  Some
or many of the devices will be different.

> Should I just have init printing "Hello World" to see if its dynamic linking 
> problem? What other techniques I could use to debug? 

I'd look a little more at the wireshark trace to see what's going on
there.  If init is crashing, you should see something like "panic: init


Allen Briggs  -  briggs%ninthwonder.com@localhost

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