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Advice sought


I work for a company that is currently using FreeBSD on Pentiums for product
development.  Having source code is, at the moment, important to us, since we
develop hardware as well and occasionally need to fix the kernel (we recently
added some aio support, for example).

I also run NetBSD/amiga at home.  I plan to buy a PowerPC next, if a *BSD can
be found that runs suitably (ie. NetBSD).

For a while we've been watching the Motorola PowerPC stuff develop, since it
would make a nicer hardware platform for us.  Having found the NetBSD/powerpc
port, I'm now going to try to evaluate it.

My problem is this: we have a Motorola PowerStack E series, with a 604 processor
It currently runs PPC1BUG firmware and AIX.  It is upgradeable to support OFW,
but I think that eliminates my ability to run AIX.  So I'm wondering if anyone
has any experience or suggestions on how I can get this thing up and running
with NetBSD.

Thanks for any help.


Gregory Kritsch     E-Mail: gkritsch%zeus.leitch.com@localhost
Leitch Technology International Inc.

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