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Re: NetBSD and the 68030 MMU

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On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 17:48:59 -0700 
 "Erik E. Fair" (Timekeeper) <fair%cesium.clock.org@localhost> wrote:

 > I would dearly love to see NetBSD on the 7500 through 9500 models of
 > PowerPC based PCI-bus Macintoshes. It's interesting to note that the
 > MK/Linux stuff that runs on the earlier NuBus PPC systems (6100, 7100,
 > 8100) used a lot of driver code from the MacBSD/NetBSD port to the 68K. I
 > think that once the MK/Linux stuff runs on the PCI PPC systems (they keep
 > saying "sometime this fall"), what with the source code being available, it
 > should not be all that hard to make NetBSD/PPC go... (fingers crossed).

NetBSD/powerpc already `go'es.  It's my understanding that these
PCI-based Macs use OpenFirmware, and load an XCOFF bootstrap.  If
this is indeed the case, with a small program to convery a.out to
XCOFF, NetBSD/powerpc might Just Work on such Macs (albeit using the
firmware for all i/o).

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