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Re: Advice sought

> My problem is this: we have a Motorola PowerStack E series, with a 604 
> processor
> .
> It currently runs PPC1BUG firmware and AIX.  It is upgradeable to support OFW,
> but I think that eliminates my ability to run AIX.  So I'm wondering if anyone
> has any experience or suggestions on how I can get this thing up and running
> with NetBSD.

Currently NetBSD runs only on machines with OFW.

But as far as I remember, I booted AIX on the Motorola Ultra board after
upgrading it to OFW, before overwriting the disk with NetBSD.  So this
shouldn't be a problem.

You probably need a separate disk for this to work, as AIX (afaik) wants to
use complete disks for its own purposes.

Hope it helps,
ws%TooLs.DE@localhost     (Wolfgang Solfrank, TooLs GmbH)       +49-228-985800

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