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Re: NetBSD and the 68030 MMU

> >Well, it's probably a bit more work than that.  While I don't know enough
> >(actually nearly nothing) about Apple's OpenFirmware implementation, I assume
> >that the partitioning scheme of the Macs is different from the one on PCs
> >(which was adopted by PReP and PPCP).  So it's quite likely that the
> >disk label handling code needs some work, too.
> >Just a minor nit.
> Hopefully much of what is needed here is described in the CHRP OB
> bindings document (see http://playground.sun.com/p1275/).  Near
> the end of this document the process of figuring out the disk label is
> described in a reasonable amount of detail.

Of course I was aware of that.  I even said it in the above paragraph, only
substituting the newer name PPCP for CHRP.

BTW, the firmware standard is OpenFirmware, not OpenBoot, as the latter
is the name Sun used for the predecessor and their current implementation
of OpenFirmware.
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