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Re: NetBSD and the 68030 MMU

> NetBSD/powerpc already `go'es.  It's my understanding that these
> PCI-based Macs use OpenFirmware, and load an XCOFF bootstrap.  If
> this is indeed the case, with a small program to convery a.out to
> XCOFF, NetBSD/powerpc might Just Work on such Macs (albeit using the
> firmware for all i/o).

Well, it's probably a bit more work than that.  While I don't know enough
(actually nearly nothing) about Apple's OpenFirmware implementation, I assume
that the partitioning scheme of the Macs is different from the one on PCs
(which was adopted by PReP and PPCP).  So it's quite likely that the
disk label handling code needs some work, too.

Just a minor nit.
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