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Re: Multi-Processor support

> Currently the BeBox is PReP, but it is supposed to become CHRP/whatever
> almost as soon as its name and definition are fixed. If that includes
> OFW then the BeBox will support it.

 Normally PowerPC-Platform (PPCP, aka CHRP) should integrate OFW. Let's see.

> There is currently a Linux version for the BeBox. It boots by using a
> floppy that masquerades as a BeOS boot disk. I have read that it has SMP
> support but in the very crude form of a single lock around the kernel.
> I have not verified that or tried it yet, but if this is true I'd say
> that NetBSD can do better ;-)

 I have heard about that. NetBSD already does better than that, the biggest
problem for the Be-folks is the non-standard hardware and the missing

 Currently I do not know how to deal with two processors, I believe that
you need to enable SMP (that is symetric multiprocessing) anyway, so
by default only one CPU is working?

Markus Illenseer

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