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Re: Missing X binary

On Sun, 5 Dec 2021, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> I have a 5000/260 but that machine isn't booting at all: fails POST 
> since I added more memory (ex-Ebay) to it.

 What kind of errors do you get?  I had it on every occasion in the same 
circumstances.  Extensive cleaning of the mainboard header pins with IPA 
eventually sorted it.  Several iterations were required including DRAM 
board insertions and removals while the pins were still wet, and mind it 
was some 20 years ago I did that last time so you may have to adjust the 
process for additional goo accumulated on unused exposed pins over the 
extra years.

 I'd love to expand those systems a bit yet, but any resources left seem 
to have mostly gone by now (sadly to scrap most probably).



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