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Re: Missing X binary

On Thu, 2 Dec 2021, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> > It looks like it, technically it should just need someone(tm) with the
> > time, hardware and inclination to port the acceleration from XXA to
> > EXA.
> >
> > Are the px/pxg/sfb similar to anything else that might be in tree?
> Probably not, they're for the DEC STAMP/PixelStamp architecture. All 
> these are also supported on TurboChannel Alphas.

 Well isn't sfb the smart frame buffer (PMAGB-B aka HX)?  If so then it's 
quite close to the SFB+ (PMAGD aka HX+), which in turn is almost identical 
to the PCI TGA (modulo the bus interface and some RAMDAC variety).  So any 
Alpha TGA driver should be adaptable.

 The PixelStamp bits are a different beast of course, and sadly no known 
documentation pieces survived (which I was told were some handwritten 
notes anyway) so any handling continues being tricky.



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