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Re: questions and report on setting up UMAX Apus 2000 boxes

2) Most of my Apus boxes have a dead nvram battery, I need to reenter the special settings at each poweron or power cable plug. The nvram/battery is a RAYONAC Computer Clock Battery 840 4.5 Volts ALKALINE. Are there any successful reports on building a custom battery with standard Alkaline batteries, or are these batteries still available some place? The nvram/battery is some kind of a little monster, but the PINs are pretty standard, just like PC Speaker PINs.

I've replaced many such batteries in similar machines such as the Power Mac 6200 and the Motorola Starmax. Because the battery is supposed to be 3.6 volts, three AA batteries is a little high and two is a little low, so I use a four battery holder and solder a diode across the space of one of the batteries which usually drops the voltage about half a volt.


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