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Re: questions and report on setting up UMAX Apus 2000 boxes

Quoting John Klos 22/08/2013 02:51,
I've replaced many such batteries in similar machines such as the Power Mac 6200 and the Motorola Starmax. Because the battery is supposed to be 3.6 volts, three AA batteries is a little high and two is a little low, so I use a four battery holder and solder a diode across the space of one of the batteries which usually drops the voltage about half a volt.

Thanks for this additional input. You saying the target voltage should be 3.6 Volts and not 4.5 Volts ? How do you know that ? (maybe it is written on the motherboard, I don't have access to the box right now, as I am 300 kilometers away from the lab)

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