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Re: [PATCH] Incorrect segment 0 initialization for PMAC G5

On 03/31/2013 05:39 PM, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:

Huh. I have no idea -- I'll go back and look at the posts. I have an
11,2 that has been running stably for more than 2 years now, which makes
this hard to debug. It seems like you're getting some pretty deep
knowledge of the hardware now, so I'd appreciate it if you have any
insights. Congratulations on getting your machine booted!


at length i have got some spare time to analyze the freezes
on FreeBSD. It seems that they are gone if i disable SMP support
in kernel. FAN control is enabled in kernel and i'm stress testing
my G5 with iozone. Any idea what could cause lockups if SMP is enabled ?

Unfortunately we don't have the SMP support on NetBSD yet
but i haven't had any freezes on NetBSD until now.


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