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Re: NetBSD on IBM JS21 / Xserve G5?


On Mar 29, 2013, at 11:40 AM, rodent%NetBSD.org@localhost wrote:

I saw the IBM JS21 has the same processor as the Xserve G5. In theory, it's then supported by this port. Considering the other hardware on the machine, is
it possible to run NetBSD on it? Anyone have experiences with this?

I didn't see anything in the source tree that would lead me to believe that NetBSD has POWER6 support. Basically, I am looking at a roadmap to transition from alpha that's not x86_64. The 2.3GHz Xserve G5 seems to be the best option
for NetBSD in this case. Is this analysis correct?

Are the G5 models still only running in 32-bit mode under NetBSD? Is the onboard SATA controller still unsupported? Those two things would be a show stoppers for me. Any ideas for more modern non-x86_64 1-2U server grade stuff
that has good NetBSD support?

I had some G5 xserves a while ago, but I did not take the cover off them. The G4 has a free slot, so I would think that the G5 would too so that you can put another hard drive controller that is well supported by NetBSD in it.

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