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Re: kernel ISI trap on macppc after recent changes

On Tue, 24 Jul 2012, Matt Thomas wrote:

biomask 1f800000 netmask 1f800000 ttymask 1f800000
trap: kernel ISI by 0xc2e37c00 (SRR1 0x40001032), lr: 0x339a14

This address is in USER_SR.  Are you using modules?

The kernel is either stock GENERIC, or includes GENERIC as
a starting point, so yes:

As seen in ".../src/sys/arch/macppc/conf/GENERIC":

options         MODULAR         # new style module(7) framework

Kernels were built from update build, if it makes a difference.

Sometimes it does.

Are the ones from the continuous autobuild system built as non-update
builds?  A GENERIC kernel from the 201207231130Z build cycle panics
the same way.

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