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-current on 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4

As I have access to an Aluminum PowerBook G4 (1.5GHz, 1GB), I figured
I would see how it behaves.  I have it net-booted using the snapshot
from 201207181450Z (no-longer available from build system) since that
was the last one that would boot.

radeonfb must be disabled or the console becomes illegible.  The display
is in sync, but characters render as dots and streaks.  X11 seems to
handle everything fine with its built-in configuration.

The built-in keyboard is USB.  The "delete" key sends ctrl-H by default.
Pressing Fn-delete generates delete/rubout.  The Fkeys appear to send
sequences appropriate for Fkeys.  Fn-F<key> does not send anything
nor do they cause any changes to LCD panel brightness or other hardwre
control functions.  Use Ctrl-Alt-F[1-4] to switch text consoles.

Fn-<embedded keypad keys> causes them to emit their non-numeric
functions; the keys with ".+-*/=" generate their symbols.  Fn-<arrow key>
generates their Page{Up,Down}/Home/End functions.  Shift-Fn-{Up,Down}
will scroll a terminal window and ordering of Shift-Fn does not matter.

As such, there appears to be no default remapping of keys to replace
middle- and right- mouse buttons.  I figured out how to create an
appropriate xmodmap for F11/F12 (like on TiBook ADB keyboard), but it
appears to need a "Pointer_EnableKeys" event bound to yet another key.
I haven't found it yet, but is there a way to send this event without
having it bound to a key?

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