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Re: Netbooting a blue and white G3

On 17/10/2009, at 12:43, Andy Ruhl wrote:

Mine has "402" printed on the IDE controler so this makes it the later
one I think.

You're very lucky. This logic board is so much better than the Rev. A (older model). I have two of these older ones and Mac OS X is very unstable on them.

Also, I can't have two IDE devices on the primary channel.

But I still don't have a very elegant way to boot NetBSD off of it's
own disk, and the bootloader still won't boot a "regular" kernel, I
have to compile it hardcoded to boot from "wd0a".

This is very strange. From what I remember, I didn't have any problems on my B&W G3. I had to compile a custom kernel because of hardware (ste driver) and efficiency (smaller kernel, smaller RAM usage) requirements. Also, since I don't use a swap partition (bad for flash cards), I had to change some stuff in the kernel, so it would stop asking me for the root and swap partition device names every boot.


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