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Re: Netbooting a blue and white G3

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On Oct 15, 2009, at 8:57 AM, Andy Ruhl wrote:

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 7:46 PM, Michael <macallan%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
The easiest way is:
- - put ofwboot.xcf into your OSX boot partition, that way you don't have to mess with a FAT or whatever fs ( I seem to remember you mentioned having OSX
on that machine )
- - create the NetBSD partitions with OSX. No need to format them with anything, just create them and write down the partition number for what you intend to become your root ( /dev/disk1sx where x is the number you want ) - - netboot into NetBSD, change the partition types to UNIX or whatever, doesn't really matter what as long as it keeps OSX from attempting to mount them, put a matching disklabel in place ( should be more or less automatic
), newfs, unpack, etc.
- - boot hd:ofwboot.xcf ultra1:x/netbsd with x being the number you wrote down above, and ultra1 being the devalias for your NetBSD disk. On my beige G3 it would be ide1, on my G4 it's ultra1, the iBook uses hd1 IIRC - no idea what it would be on a b&w G3, just look at your devaliases. But hd should
point at the first OF readable partition on the first disk on any OF3

Ok, this is nice for people who want to keep OSX.

For my purposes, I can add a new disk to the machine (200 gig IDE),
but when I do it the thing no longer boots. I get the folder with a
question mark. I need to make sure I'm putting the slave disk in there
correctly though. If I can fix that problem, then this method seems
like a good idea.

That can be a challenge, many macs, especially pre-G4 models, are very finicky about that. Some combinations will only work with cable select, some only with master / slave set, some disks don't like each other - it took me a while to get my beige G3 to boot with two disks on the 1st IDE channel.

Question: You said "Create the NetBSD partitions with OSX..." then
"Change the partition types to UNIX whatever..." Is this done with
disklabel or pdisk? I'm hoping I can just figure this out myself.

I meant pdisk - OSX and OF don't see the NetBSD disklabel.

I have booted NetBSD on a whole lot of different machine types, so far
this has been the most difficult one that I can remember that is
claimed to be supported. It doesn't seem like it needs to be.

In part you can thank Apple for that - each OF version has its own set of bugs and weirdnesses, the ones used in PMac G3 models are by far the worst :/

Additions to the FAQ are always welcome.

have fun

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