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Re: Keyboard layout problem under XFree86

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael  <macallan%netbsd.org@localhost> writes:

    Michael> [...] Anyway, please do this: Have a look at
    Michael> sys/dev/adb/adb_keymap.h, find the keys that work in
    Michael> wscons but not in X, post the respective lines here - the
    Michael> scancode ( left column, 'KC(whatever)' ) and what it's
    Michael> supposed to do. With that I can hopefully fix the
    Michael> translation table in X.

The key not recognised in X is the KS_circumflex/KS_degree key:

  static const keysym_t akbd_keydesc_de[] = {
  /*  pos         normal          shifted         altgr           shift-altgr */
      KC(10),     KS_asciicircum, KS_degree,

Instead the KS_less/KS_greater key

      KC(50),     KS_less,        KS_greater,

produces 'asciicircum'/'degree' in X and no 'less'/'greater' is

What about '|', '\', '~'? Should they be entered in the mac-way?

    KC(26),     KS_7,           KS_slash,       KS_bar,         KS_backslash,
    KC(45),     KS_n,           KS_N,           KS_asciitilde,

I guess there are many more mac-specific key mappings in
sys/dev/adb/adb_keymap.h which I do not use.

The euro symbol seems not to be taken into account at all in wscons*.

Anyway, as long as a key produces a xev it could be xmodmap-ped, I

Where is the X-part of the key code allocation?

Is my macs german adb keyboard coding valid for all (other) german mac
adb keyboards? Maybe then it's worth to adapt the X-part orderly
instead of everybody has to do this for his/her own mac. Maybe even I
can help here (if I understand the coding way)...

Thanks, Markus.

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