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Re: 80386 support

> Many of us would like to support so-called modern x86 of the 2000s.
> And there is a huge amount of work for that.  As far as I am
> concerned, there are too many legacy features even in the current
> i386 port.  Code that no one maintains, code that no one tests; or
> rather, code that no one can even test.

> Maybe you could step up to fight against the bit rot?

Possibly.  (To an extent I already have; it wasn't that long ago I put
a good deal of time into pounding on filesystem code in an attempt to
uncover rename bugs - though that was in MI kernel.)

What are these things that don't/can't get tested?  If my machines can
test them, I can probably help, though anything requiring post-5.*
would, at the very least, need assistance from someone else.

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