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Re: 80386 support

Hello Mouse,

  M> I expect it _will_ prevent people from working on non-
   > privileged-tier ports, because anyone trying to will be
   > - probably repeatedly - screwed over by people making
   > changes to the main tree that don't work, or are
   > unacceptably expensive, for such ports.

    I'm not sufficiently familiar with NetBSD development to
know whether this is likely.

  M> I recently discovered that as of 4.0.1 a 32M x86
   > machine can, effectively, no longer self-host, because
   > the compiler thrashes for hours trying to compile one
   > of the source files...I have an hp300 with a grand
   > total of five megabytes of RAM.

Could you cross-build it from a more modern machine?

  M> There's another machine I have which is in a similar
   > situation with disk space.  As far as I know, no
   > interface hardware exists at all (much less is commonly
   > available, even as comared to the machine itself) to
   > allow it to use even IDE, much less SATA, disks...

    I have a Javastation Krupps that has no disk interface.
I've toyed with the idea of turning it into a diskless X
terminal or even just a simple music player.  I will need to
learn how to set up a server for it to netboot from.

  -Andy Ball

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