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Re: NetBSD vs. FreeBSD

On 08/02/2009, Aleksej Saushev <asau%inbox.ru@localhost> wrote:
> "D'Arcy J.M. Cain" <darcy%NetBSD.org@localhost> writes:
>  > On Sun, 08 Feb 2009 08:23:34 +0300
>  > Aleksej Saushev <asau%inbox.ru@localhost> wrote:
>  >> add to that we don't have any working web browser with Macromedia/Adobe
>  >> flash support, which is common in the Web today.
>  >
>  > We actually do.  I also could not get this working until I posted to
>  > pkgsrc-users under the topic "Getting flash to work."  Check out that
>  > thread.  I can now waste my time on YouTube just as well as my Windows
>  > Weenie friends.
> Since this is another instance, that assertion needs clarification:
>  I have had several NetBSD installation of desktop type in not so distant
>  past, and Firefox completed installation and ran on only on one of three
>  systems. I don't understand what is so fragile in it, but it happens to be
>  that fragile. Thus I had Javascript-capable browser only on one of three
>  NetBSD installation. Such problems have never occurred to me neither on
>  FreeBSD nor on Linux. Note: problems even with Javascript, let alone Flash.

For me it's nearly as fragile on Linux. About 50% success .. but I
want more than JavaScript - I want several native Firefox extensions.
Flash is not essential. If I included that the success rate would be
much lower as it often crashes otherwise working browser.

>  Since the whole Flash issue isn't critical to me, I don't invest effort in 
> it,
>  even Javascript isn't much critical to me. But I admit, that this isn't 
> normal
>  these days, it was several years ago may be, but not now. Today these things
>  should "just work."
>  I don't even think, that respective developers, who work on Firefox, 
> OpenOffice,
>  GNOME, KDE and other huge packages put not enough effort. After some 
> OpenOffice
>  patchwork I know how hard it is, it requires really heroic efforts. 
> Nevertheless
>  all this doesn't allow me to proclaim Flash working.

It's heroic effort because they all are bloatware. They (upstream)
should learn some from NetBSD ;-)



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