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NetBSD vs. FreeBSD [Was: Desktop NetBSD needs your help]

,--- You/Dima (Sun, 8 Feb 2009 05:19:12 +0300) ----*
| NetBSD is really designed for people, moved to NetBSD by their wise
| looking for really working things, proved for simplicity. If you
| can't understand some deeply technical things - don't even try and
| use FreeBSD or Linux.

I think it's a good time for me to ask the question I've had for a

   What are the most important advantages of NetBSD over FreeBSD?

Some context:

* I started using Debian GNU/Linux about ten years ago and liked
  pretty much everything about it (can say the opposite about other
  Linux distributions I've come across.)
* About four years ago somebody suggested me to try FreeBSD, and in a
  couple of years FreeBSD won me over.  Like it very much and run
  almost everywhere.

* I approached NetBSD for various reasons about three times over the
  last year.  Last time, about a month ago, I went the furthest --
  learned to use pkgsrc and set up Xen Dom0 and DomU. That's when I
  signed up for a few NetBSD mailing lists and started to pay
  attention. I hope to move further in a few weeks, time permitting.

Yeah, NetBSD installer is something -- not like anything I've seen

Would the installer experience be a deal breaker for me?  Of course
not -- it's not a factor at all.  The experience that follows is what
matters, and NetBSD feels good.

But I would like to hear educated opinions in what aspects NetBSD is
better than FreeBSD.  Yes, having Xen Dom0 is a huge advantage -- but
what else?

Thanks in advance, and I will not resist commenting on the following,
from a newbie's perspective, if anybody cares to know.

| They definitely should know how computer generally works. You know -
| I believe NetBSD installer is the best installer in the world.

I wouldn't agree with this, but I liked it.  I'd take it over any
Linux installer.

| Why?  It is so much straight, blazingly fast, small, simple.


| All core NetBSD utilities is at most simple as they should be for
| people understanding how it works in production, not in a desktop
| play.

| You wish a nice desktop or simple installer for your play with that
| wild unknown OS, meanwhile others use hundreds of NetBSD boxes,
| praying for noone coming with 'fresh' Linux-like ideas to turn it
| user-friendly.

As a user with a three day's experience, I feel that `pkgsrc' may be
more worth improving than the installer.

| You just try to get a Volvo panel in a heavy-duty dump truck -
| believe, there is no choice, trucks wouldn't and shouldn't change
| their ugly look ever.


| > One of NetBSD advantages noted by newcomers is its high-quality
| > documentation, and it is documentation quality what can be checked
| > by novice users first. Without good documentation you can't tell,
| > why NetBSD is better than Linux.
| Yes, it have high-quality documentation. Using NetBSD I used
| documentation many times and everytime found an answer. It is always
| that sort of answer I need - low-level to understand what really
| happen.

Agree, already.


-- Alex -- alex-goncharov%comcast.net@localhost --

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