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Re: Desktop NetBSD needs your help

> In my opinion there're enough user level things to clean up without
> entering "catch-up play:"

Certainly.  But a few of these things touch on what I see as the core
of the issue:

> 2. It would be nice to have w3m in base system, so that user could
> read the Guide without reboot or resorting to another machine.

> 5. Having the way to install reasonable quality desktop system is a
> big plus anyway, you can't do that with NetBSD right now.  Last time
> I ran into the need of setting up such system, I spent unreasonably
> long (by modern standards) time on it.

> 6. Installation is still pretty hard, especially at fdisk/disklabel
> step, the whole concept of BSD label is hard enough to novice users,

> 9.2. In too many cases [...] forcing novice user into [...]

I don't think NetBSD is appropriate for novice user desktop use, and I
see that as about as much of a problem as it is that my hacksaw isn't
appropriate for driving screws.  The world has plenty of screwdrivers;
I'd much prefer NetBSD focus on making a good hacksaw (largely because
I don't see anyone else making hacksaws nearly as good).

Of course, like everyone else (well, except core/board/etc), I don't
get to dictate which way NetBSD goes except to the extent I take it
there.  This, I think, is largely why most of my comments about
NetBSD's direction have been negative, because they've all been in
response to people who want to change things, and what I think we need
to do is to stop trying to change our direction and concentrate on
doing well what we do well.  If you want a desktop system, you know
where to find it - and I use that wording despite, not because of, the
derogatory tone the original carried in its context.  (At work, I had
occasion to set up a GUI desktop, and used FreeBSD; some would see this
as a failing of NetBSD, but I don't, any more than I see it as a
failing of my hacksaw that I don't reach for it to drive screws.)

As for the rest of asau's list, the things I didn't quote above - I
don't think you'd see me calling them bad ideas.

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