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Re: Cross compile packages for the HPCSH

On Sun, 2004-12-19 at 14:15, Alain Robillard wrote:
> Hello,
> now that I have a Xwindows working on my Jornada I'd like to have the 
> Matchbox window manager compiled and packaged.
> So I did a quick search on package cross compilation and found very few 
> reference and one or two on "tools" or "scripts" that help the process. 
> Anybody had experience with succefully cross compile package ?

No, but I *have* been working on getting the matchbox pkgsrc up-to-date,
as the one in there currently is very old. These are built now (latest
versions only for i386 so far, although I have built older versions on
my Jornada directly), so I just need to work out how to get them

The dependencies take far longer to build than matchbox does, it's not
really that big, GTK+ 2.0 and its dependencies are the real killer, you
*will* need some swap ;-) the 32MB in my 680 wasn't enough.


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