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Re: NetBSD on Edimax BR6104K - Stability


>> What is missing with respect to the ethernet switch (except an userland
>> interface for configuring the VLANs)? It is running and VLAN
>> configuration can successfully be changed by editing if_admsw.c. Okay,
>> that is not really comfortable but it works perfectly on my unit.
> I would like for bridge(4) & admsw(4) to cooperate to provide the
> VLAN function.  I.e., if you create bridge0 and 'brconfig bridge0 add
> admsw0 add admsw1', then admsw0 and admsw1 should add themselves to the
> same VLAN.  In this way, the h/w optimization is transparent to the user,
> who does not have to learn Yet Another Tool to setup networking. :-)

Okay. So far I just used the switch as configurable switch and dropped
all kind of software bridges - so I just played with the switch matrix
in order to have just admsw0 connected to all 5 ports of the router. But
 right, the used needs more than this.

>> NAND flash would be really great especially since there is a lot of
>> space left. The BR6104K has 2 MB flash and my nfs-image is (gzip'ed)
>> only 539K small. I guess switching from NFS code to flash would not
>> really increase that so 1,5 MB should be left. That is much more than
>> OpenWRT leaves - they have some 400 or 500 KB left and can run a busybox
>> + uclibc based userland out of this.
> Wow, that is really small.  What is on your NFS image?

Just the bare minimum for the kernel (okay... I could also drop PROCFS):

include         "arch/evbmips/conf/std.adm5120"

#ident          "GENERIC-$Revision: 1.2 $"

maxusers        32

options         MIPS32
options         NOFPU           # No FPU
options         SOFTFLOAT       # emulate FPU insn
options         CONSPEED=115200 # YAMON default
options         HZ=512          # for profiling (512)

options         SOSEND_LOAN
options         SOSEND_COUNTERS
options         INET_CSUM_COUNTERS
options         TCP_CSUM_COUNTERS
options         UDP_CSUM_COUNTERS
options         TCP_OUTPUT_COUNTERS

makeoptions     CPUFLAGS="-march=4kc"   # compile full symbol table

options         KERNEL_ENTRY_OFFSET=0x6d8  # For the Edimax bootloader
options         MEMORY_RBFLAGS=0        # Don't force single user

file-system     NFS             # Sun NFS-compatible filesystem client
file-system     PROCFS          # /proc

options         INET            # Internet protocols

options         NFS_BOOT_DHCP

config          netbsd-admsw0   root on admsw0 type nfs

mainbus0        at root

cpu0            at mainbus?

pseudo-device   loop                            # network loopback
pseudo-device   pty                             # pseudo-terminals
pseudo-device   rnd                             # /dev/random & kernel generator

pseudo-device   ksyms

obio*           at mainbus?
gpio*           at mainbus?
extio*          at mainbus?

uart*           at obio? addr ?
admsw*          at obio? addr ?

options       MSGBUFSIZE=65536

This compiles into 539 KB of gzip'ed kernel.

The userland on the server is obviously much bigger - I just used an
untar'ed evbmips userland from 4.0 which is something around 200 MB.
Another 200 MB are configured as swap - this is really needed although
it is very slow but with 16 MB RAM swap is essential for nearly
everything (especially compiling).



  / Dr. Jan Richling - http://www.richling.de                      /
 / Member of Computer Architecture and Communication Group -      /
/ Department of Computer Science - Humboldt University Berlin    /

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