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NetBSD on Edimax BR6104K - Stability

Hi all,

just a remark regarding stability of NetBSD on the BR6104K using NFS
root and evbmips userland:

One of my three boxes is now running since 6 days (with no reboot)
mainly compiling pkgsrc (nearly no problems... but takes forever) while
number two yesterday build a toolchain and then a complete Netbsd kernel
(this took 266 min which is quite fast for such a box) that I just
booted on that box - perfect.

So... these boxes CAN be used as self hosted environment (if you have a
LOT of time....).

Greetings and thanks to anybody who made this port reality,


  / Dr. Jan Richling - http://www.richling.de                      /
 / Member of Computer Architecture and Communication Group -      /
/ Department of Computer Science - Humboldt University Berlin    /

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