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Re: Super-H machine language issues

>>                          Summary of                      Execution
>> PR  Format                Operation     Instruction Code  States    T Bit
>> 1   6. FMOV XDm,@(R0,Rn)  XDm->(R0+Rn)  1111nnnnmmm10111  1         -

> My guess is it's another copy-paste error.

Oh, that really should be SZ?  I thought it was a bit odd that the FMOV
instructions affecting XD* used PR rather than SZ, but wrote it off to
an oddity in instruction deocding rather than a pasto in document

> Note also section 6.6.2 Pair Single-Precision Data Transfer, [...]

Ooo, good point.  I missed that.  Thank you.

I'll update my notes so the page 275 stuff is SZ-based rather than

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