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Re: Super-H machine language issues

>>        FMOV    XDm,@(R0,Rn)            1111nnnnmmm10111
>> The first is valid only when SZ is 0 and the latter when PR is 1,
> Where does the manual say that the latter is valid only when PR is 1?

Page 275.  The full entry, including headings and fragments I excised
in my first message and with -> substituted for a right-arrow, is

                          Summary of                      Execution
PR  Format                Operation     Instruction Code  States    T Bit
1   6. FMOV XDm,@(R0,Rn)  XDm->(R0+Rn)  1111nnnnmmm10111  1         -

> I checked sh4 ISA manual and update manuals from Renesas and I can't
> see anything like that.

This is the h14tp003d2.pdf file from Marcus's stuff.  According to page
i (ASCIIified), this is the

                SuperH TM (SH) 32-Bit RISC MCU/MPU Series


                      High-Performance RISC Engine

                           Programming Manual

and the lower left corner says


Rev. 2.0
Hitachi, Ltd.

As a specific identifier, the PDF file's MD5 is
67bcc516128b7a18e61a52621503c058; its SHA-1 is

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