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Re: DC dev: requirements?

>> This sounds as though the Dreamcast ROMs just load and execute a
>> handful of sectors from the disk (beginning of the first data track?
>> absolute sector numbers?) and the use of 9660 filesystems is more in
>> the nature of a convention used by the usual bootblocks.  Is that a
>> fair statement?
> No.  [...]

That's...a bit annoying, but tolerable.

> The code loaded from the sectors is a standard bootstrap which is not
> specific to the software on the disc, and the largest part of it (the
> code that displays the screen "produced or licensed by SEGA") can't
> even be customized, because the ROM compares it to an internal copy.

That's ugly; getting rid of that was one of the first things I'd been
intending to do.  Oh well.  That too is annoying but tolerable.

>> [...]
> See <http://mc.pp.se/dc/ip.bin.html>.


Sounds as though I should shut up here until I've been through all your
pages.  I've spidered them and will move them to my laptop, so I can do
that even if I'm somewhere I don't have connectivity....

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