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Re: DC IDE adapter questions

> I have been collecting information about building the hardware
> and was hoping you could help me out.

First, there is no warranty on any information about these hardware.
Unlike software, no one can help to debug hardware from remote end.
Unlike software, building hardware often requires much more money,
but pay it at YOUR OWN RISK.
Furthermore, these hardware design might be a bit fragile and
it could be unstable.

> First off, the two schematics I've seen are the older one
> by Bitmaster and a newer one by FuzzyMuzzle.
> Which one is supported by netBSD?

I'm using Kiyoshi Ikehara's DCEXT. I also have a patch for NetBSD 5.0.

> Speaking of which, what code should be programmed into the FuzzyMuzzle IC?

Probably you need to read "Realted-links" on that page.

> Still on the subject of the FuzzyMuzzle, what is the DB9 connector for?

I don't think there is such connector.

> Do these adapters work with the BBA?


> Finally, both schematics show resistors with unitless 22's nearby.
> What are the values of these guys? Are these 22kOhm resistors? 

In which schematics?

In general, such "experimental" schematics are written for people
who can assume what they are and who can debug it themselves...

Using correct parts doesn't mean it should just work.
Actually I had to fix several connections to make DCEXT board work.
Izumi Tsutsui

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