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DC IDE adapter questions

Title: netbsd questions
Hi all,

Thank you for your quick and helpful responses to my first email! I thought this group was inactive save for spam so I was pleasantly surprised that there are extremely kind folks here willing to help a bloke out.

I have been collecting information about building the hardware and was hoping you could help me out.

First off, the two schematics I've seen are the older one by Bitmaster and a newer one by FuzzyMuzzle. Which one is supported by netBSD? If both of them are, which do you folks use? The Bitmaster one seems much easier to build, particularly since it doesn't seem to need programming.

Speaking of which, what code should be programmed into the FuzzyMuzzle IC? Is it this : http://www.fuzzymuzzle.com/Kiyoshi/Images/An_Experimental_Logic.htm ?
Does anyone know if that nice-sounding guy over at the DC port of Linux is still willing to program chips for random people?

Still on the subject of the FuzzyMuzzle, what is the DB9 connector for? (This sounds like a stupid question, but I am pretty stupid).

Do these adapters work with the BBA? Everything here runs off the DC parallel port, but if I tap into the connections on the inside of the DC would that still work? I can't imagine that would be a great idea, but if someone knows I would love to hear yes or no.

Finally, both schematics show resistors with unitless 22's nearby. What are the values of these guys? Are these 22kOhm resistors?

Mike Cukan

--- On Tue, 6/15/10, Cukan, Michael <michael_cukan%merck.com@localhost> wrote:

From: Cukan, Michael <michael_cukan%merck.com@localhost>
Subject: netbsd questions
To: mcukan%yahoo.com@localhost
Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 5:47 PM

  • bitmaster or fuzzymuzzle? first seems easier
  • resistors in each schematic say 22 - 22kOhm?
  • work with BBA?
  • fuzzymuzzle has DB9 connector for some unknown use
  • fuzzymuzzle - what do you program it with? this?? 
  • supposedly ISA?

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