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Re: Replacement disk for RaQ 2

> Any recommendations on SATA cards that work?

Mine is no-brand (printed "HW-629A REV.3.1") SATA-IDE bridge,
and it's conntected to on-board IDE interface.

> I don't think you can  
> boot from a SATA card can you?

PCI SATA cards can't be used for a boot drive,
but they should work as data drives.

IIRC, I also tried VIA VT6421 and SATA port son my Qube,
and at least I could read/write some files to the same Hitachi drive.

> Though I have to admit that using an adapter in this situation  
> probably wouldn't slow down the outside access to the drive data much.

Well, on-board VIA IDE supports only UDMA-33
so it's slow enough even for the latest PATA drives.
I doubt SATA-PATA bridges could have visible overhead on it.
Izumi Tsutsui

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