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Re: NetBSD/bebox 1.5?

> Well, I also have a BeBox but nothing newer than R4.5 because I didn't
> feel like buying a copy for an unsupported system. (I'll omit how I felt
> somewhat disappointment after Be's various course changes) 

People in the community are feeling a lot of ill towards Be arn't they? I
come from the opposite direction, I only started with the system in late
'98 and jumped at the opportunity to play around with a BeBox (I was
disappointed about the old ROM BIOS problem though :( ).

> But since
> NetBSD has no SMP support, I won't be running it now either.

There's also a linux out there, but you need a recent version of the OS to
do the partitioning required to install it. So I can't do that either
(don't know f that's SMP enabled though).

> Also, my
> video card (an S3 Trio64) was not reset from the Be logo to text mode,
> so I had to use a serial console back when I tried some boot floppies.

:) Neat. I've still got the original video card in mine as well..

One thing I find good about having such an obsolete system is that you
tend to be forced into writing stuff for it yourself, which is good

  - C

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