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Re: NetBSD/bebox 1.5?

Verily did Olaf Seibert write:

>> Good luck with this. Your the first person I've seen on this list and I've
>> been on it for months and months... Please keep writing back to us to let
>> us know how you're doing.

> Well, I also have a BeBox but nothing newer than R4.5 because I didn't
> feel like buying a copy for an unsupported system. (I'll omit how I felt
> somewhat disappointment after Be's various course changes) But since
> NetBSD has no SMP support, I won't be running it now either. Also, my
> video card (an S3 Trio64) was not reset from the Be logo to text mode,
> so I had to use a serial console back when I tried some boot floppies.
> Those seemed to work fine, though.

Hmm.  I haven't had a problem with that, and I also have a PCI S3 Trio64.

I did find out that the prom does _not_ like the PCI Millennium II.

I also tripped across the fact that it does not like a HD sitting on SCSI ID 
2.  I moved it to 3 and everything was peachy.

I did a re-install of R5 last night to upgrade the drives and some hardware 
(and to see what a BeOS install looked like).  Now I have three SCSI drives 
(BeOS on 4Gig, 2Gig, 2Gig) and 128Meg of mem.  This is a 603/66MHz box.

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