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Re: SCSI driver

sakamoto%cec.co.jp@localhost (Kazuki Sakamoto) writes:

>  > particular, I'm curious as to the current state of the SCSI 53C810
>  > driver.  The BeBox I have only has a SCSI disk, so this driver is of
>  > crucial importance to me.
> I'm testing ncr.c of OpenBSD at NetBSD/bebox.

Is this a different ncr.c from what is on netbsd-current, in

> There are some problems. First, endian.

I assume because the code originally came from an i386, correct?

> Second, the address of main memory which saw from PCI master.
> PCI/ISA view         +------------+ 0x00000000
>                      | PCI/ISA    |
>                      |  memory(2G)|
>                      +------------+ 0x80000000
>               =====> | main       |
>                      |  memory(2G)| script for 53C810.
>                      +------------+

Okay, I must confess to some ignorance here.  I'm not sure in your
diagram what is supposed to be happening with the memory, versus what
is actually happening.  Would you mind explaining it a bit more in

Please excuse my newbie questions. :)


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