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progress on NetBSD/bebox

So, I finally got a workable development environment running on my
BeBox.  I ended up breaking down and throwing an IDE disk in there
(since the SCSI driver isn't quite ready for prime time), and that
seems to be the best solution for now.

I've noticed that it takes about 6 hours to compile the netbsd-current
kernel from scratch.  Of course, this IS an early-model BeBox, with
only PPC 603 processors (and only two of them), so perhaps this is
normal.  I have 48 Megs of RAM in the thing, and it isn't paging, so
it must really just be that slow.

So, I have a few questions (well, actually only one, for now):

Is there a way to bootstrap my IDE disk so that I can boot netbsd
without a floppy?  I don't see installboot in the bebox shapshot.

Anyway, now that I'm finally set up, I'm ready to start hacking on the


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