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Re: progress on NetBSD/bebox

In <m390ihfa4v.fsf_-_%trantor.cosmic.com@localhost>,
mirian%xensei.com@localhost wrote:

 > I've noticed that it takes about 6 hours to compile the netbsd-current
 > kernel from scratch.  Of course, this IS an early-model BeBox, with
 > only PPC 603 processors (and only two of them), so perhaps this is
 > normal.  I have 48 Megs of RAM in the thing, and it isn't paging, so
 > it must really just be that slow.

A performance is one of what we must improve.

 > So, I have a few questions (well, actually only one, for now):
 > Is there a way to bootstrap my IDE disk so that I can boot netbsd
 > without a floppy?  I don't see installboot in the bebox shapshot.

It is possible if bfs(BeOS filesystem) is made in IDE disk
and boot.pef is put there.

                cd arch/bebox/stand/boot
                 boot.pef => floppy or other computer via network

                cd (IDE disk mount point)
                mkdir system
                 boot.pef <= floppy or other computer via network
                cp boot.pef system/kernel

But, this bootloader can read kernel only from floppy disk.
If interface of the BeBox's BootROM is opened to the public,
I think that it can be solved. Or, we will make standalone IDE/SCSI 
disk driver.

So, I made the method attach kernel to bootloader
(I got a hint from BootLoader of NetBSD/macppc).
Please read arch/bebox/stand/boot/Makefile.


How the Be OS Starts Up - Be Newsletter Issue 5

OS Writer's Cookbook - Be Newsletter Issue 27

 > Anyway, now that I'm finally set up, I'm ready to start hacking on the
 > code.

Let's go!

Kazuki Sakamoto

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