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Re: SCSI driver

In <m390io2jnf.fsf%gallifrey.cosmic.com@localhost>,
mirian%xensei.com@localhost wrote:

 > I'm interested in helping out on the BeBox port of NetBSD. In


 > particular, I'm curious as to the current state of the SCSI 53C810
 > driver.  The BeBox I have only has a SCSI disk, so this driver is of
 > crucial importance to me.

I'm testing ncr.c of OpenBSD at NetBSD/bebox.
There are some problems. First, endian.
Second, the address of main memory which saw from PCI master.

PCI/ISA view         +------------+ 0x00000000
                     | PCI/ISA    |
                     |  memory(2G)|
                     +------------+ 0x80000000
              =====> | main       |
                     |  memory(2G)| script for 53C810.

 > If the 53C810 driver isn't in a usable condition yet, is there a way
 > to cross-compile a NetBSD kernel from Linux?


I am using the following package with NetBSD/i386 for NetBSD/bebox.
        NetBSD-current source tree + binutils-2.9.1

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Kazuki Sakamoto

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