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RE: SCSI bus activity LED?

Just to follow up...  Regarding SCSI bus monitoring, I found pretty much 
exactly what I wanted:
(plus a compatible terminator)
I also got a price on the Bridgeworks SE1100 SCSI/iSCSI bridge...  It's quite 
expensive and I won't be getting one unless it pops up on eBay at some point.  
All the similar bridges I've found are just rebranded versions of the 
Bridgeworks product.
More interesting, I found a guy selling a "SCSI emulator" product:
It includes a PCI board that acts as a SCSI target and custom Windows-based 
software that will emulate various devices, including disks.  The engineer 
behind this actually has a pretty impressive resume w.r.t. SCSI technologies.  
I'm trying to convince him to just build a standalone SCSI/iSCSI bridge, and in 
fact he seems to be 90% of the way there with what he already has.
FWIW, "linked commands" are supported with the VirtualSCSI product.  So far, 
with the devices I've tested, I've only seen support for linked commands on an 
old Seagate drive.  (To be fair, I have no idea if this has a real-world impact 
on performance for the Atari.)
David Ross

> Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 09:30:24 +0100
> From: rincewind%discworld.dascon.de@localhost
> To: dross%pobox.com@localhost
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> Subject: Re: SCSI bus activity LED?
> David Ross wrote:
>> Yeah, I noticed that after I posted. Here's one that works the other way 
>> around:
>> http://www.rancho.com/Products.aspx?ID=116
>> (Though who knows how much this thing costs. Maybe best to revisit this 
>> topic in a few years.)
>> I'd prefer not to run an extra cable back into the Atari case, but I guess 
>> it's an option.
> You could attach a buffer driving a LED directly to the SCSI BUS inside
> the TT - IIRC, the Select signal can be used to signal activity, but I
> would have to read the SPI standard again to be sure.
> cu
> Michael

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