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SCSI bus activity LED?

It's very cool to see some of the recent developments on the list!
On a totally different topic...
I'm interested in the possibility of connecting the TT030's SCSI bus up to an 
iSCSI bridge.  Something like:
At the current time these bridges are quite expensive, but prices will 
eventually fall.
There are some advantages to this approach:
  - No heat / noise issues with drives
  - Disks can be swapped out virtually
  - Transparent backups
The one issue with an external iSCSI bridge would be that there would be no 
drive light on the Atari itself.  Maybe this is a minor issue, but for me it's 
all about the authenticity.  =)  I did some quick searching and I couldn't find 
a quick solution.  Anyone know of a SCSI device that provides bus activity LED 
David Ross

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