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Re: SCSI bus activity LED?

Am 22.03.2010 um 06:38 schrieb David Ross:

I'm interested in the possibility of connecting the TT030's SCSI bus up to an iSCSI bridge. Something like:

Are you sure this will work? It looks to me, this thing is to connect SCSI devices to an iSCSI initiator. I would think the bridge needs to be an initiator to connect to iSCSI storage.

At the current time these bridges are quite expensive, but prices will eventually fall.

There are some advantages to this approach:
 - No heat / noise issues with drives
 - Disks can be swapped out virtually
 - Transparent backups

The one issue with an external iSCSI bridge would be that there would be no drive light on the Atari itself. Maybe this is a minor issue, but for me it's all about the authenticity. =) I did some quick searching and I couldn't find a quick solution. Anyone know of a SCSI device that provides bus activity LED pins?

You could rip the LED out of the ATTO and connect the sockets to the TT-LED, if you can live with it being on when there is no activity. Or glue some reversing logic to that.


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