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Questions on kernel options enabled by default on i386 but not atari...

I noticed that "options NTP" is not set on Atari, but it is set on i386.
From Wikipedia:

"Because of sensitivity to timing, however, it is important to have the 
standard NTP clock phase-locked loop implemented in kernel space. All recent 
versions of Linux, BSD, and Solaris are implemented in this manner."
Is there good reason the NTP option is disabled on Atari, or could it just be 
an oversight?
There were also a few pseudo-devices enabled on i386 by default but disabled on 
atari, including: crypto, swcrypto, ksyms
Anyone know what those are all about?  I did find a little bit of tech info on 
ksyms, but its unclear what it would normally be used for.  Debugging perhaps?
David Ross

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