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Kernel tweaks on TT030

It looks like we don't need "options FPU_EMULATE" in the ATARITT kernel 
configuration file.
I tried commenting out that option and I now have a smaller kernel.  =)  It 
boots and seems to work.  dmesg still says:
Atari TT (m68030 CPU/MMU mc68882 FPU)
Since no TT030 shipped without an FPU, we should probably make this change 
permanently in /usr/src/sys/arch/atari/conf/ATARITT.
  - What's something I can try quickly that would exercise the FPU, just to 
  - Would it also make sense to move kernel compilation from using -m68020 to 
  - How about moving from -O2 to -O3?
  - Anything else we might be able to tweak for a "free" performance gain?
David Ross

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