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Re: Kernel tweaks on TT030

2009/11/22 David Ross <dross%pobox.com@localhost>:
> ping -c 2 localhost works fine, so feel free to go ahead and update the 
> ATARITT kernel config. ÂThank you!


>> That should already be happening,Makefile.atari includes
>> sys/arch/m68k/Makefile.cmachflags which sets the compile flags
>> automatically based on which of M680[2346]0 are defined.
> Doesn't seem to be happening properly... ÂI see -m68020, though I also see 
> -DM68030. Â(At least that's what I remember seeing during the build, if that 
> doesn't sound right I can go back and check.)

After you have run './build.sh -m atari tools', what does './build.sh
-m atari kernel=ATARITT' give?

> Any thoughts on a good benchmark to use for -O2 vs '-O2 -Os'?
> I will try the test kernel below soon. ÂWhat do I check to see that wskbd 
> attached? ÂIf it's just "does the keyboard work," that should be easy enough. 
> Â=)
Ideally a copy of dmesg.boot, plus confirmation of the keyboard still
working :) Thanks

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