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Re: bootloader issue

Ok, real quick update since I'm out of time for right now.

4.0_STABLE kernel loads but after sysinst is read in from md2a, I get:
no file system for md2 (dev 0x120)
Cannot mount root, error = 79

Then back to the root device prompt. Maybe I did something wrong, but I can't think of what that would be. If you can't immediately think of a potential cause, I'll try again after I'm done with 5.

5.0_BETA boots and does load sysinst properly. The install is in progress. More results on this later.

David Ross

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Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 5:43 AM
Subject: Re: bootloader issue

I wrote:

For HEAD, the changes will appear on the next releng servers'
checkout at 20090107000[02]Z, so snapshot will be prepared in ~30 hours
after that, unless there are other build breakages at that time.
(See summary in http://releng.NetBSD.org/cgi-bin/builds.cgi)

It looks the releng server has some environment problems,
so I've built and put snapshot binaries for netbsd-4 and netbsd-5:

- both include bootloader fixes for PR port-atari/40315 (pending-pullups)
- 4.0_BETA also includes the following fixes not pulled up yet:
 - fixes for mounting root on installation and installboot (ticket #1257)
 - pmap updates to sync with amiga for yamt-km etc. (#1258)
 - missing df(1) on installation MAKEDEV(8) (#1260)
 (on 5.0_BETA these changes have been pulled up already)
- updates for Falcon SCSI (options ST_POOL_SIZE=24, disabling DMA)
 are NOT included (no pullup requests yet)

Note both don't include X sets (no particular changes there).

If these ones work properly, I'll send pullup requests
for bootloader fixes.
Izumi Tsutsui

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