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Re: bootloader issue

David Ross wrote:

> 4.0_STABLE kernel loads but after sysinst is read in from md2a, I get:
> no file system for md2 (dev 0x120)
> Cannot mount root, error = 79
> Then back to the root device prompt.  Maybe I did something wrong, but I 
> can't think of what that would be.  If you can't immediately think of a 
> potential cause, I'll try again after I'm done with 5.

Hmm, I've checked sysinst.fs.gz in the snapshot and
I can moufnt it properly via vnd(4) on i386, so
sysinst.fs itself should be okay.

The patched 4.0_STABLE kernel might have another problem on
reading md_root, but could you confirm it by reading
a working 5.0_BETA sysinst.fs floppy on 4.0_BETA kernel?

It should work though it will fail by bad system call errors
after mountroot, as you reported in the past:
Izumi Tsutsui

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