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Re: bootloader issue

Getting closer but there's still an issue...

On boot, I get:
NetBSD/atari secondary bootloader ($Revision: 1.12 $)


That pipe is the little spinning bar. It spins a little but freezes pretty quickly at the pipe. The drive light stays off after the freeze.

David Ross

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Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2009 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: bootloader issue

I wrote:

Okay, now I've managed to get the problem.
The aggressive gcc4 strikes us again.
I'll check how we can make gcc put bootxx() at the top of the binary.

Could you try this one again?

All diffs against bootloaders:

- add asm sources which provide a fixed entry point for bootxx and bootxxx
- rename stand/Makefile.inc to stand/Makefile.booters and
 explicitly include it in each Makefile because stand directory
 contains non standalone programs like installboot and
 Makefile.inc will implicitly be included from all Makefiles in SUBDIRs
- put more common options into Makefile.booters so that
 all boot programs use proper options (-Os etc.)
- make these compile without installed ${DESTDIR}
 - create machine and m68k symlinks in ${.OBJDIR} in all boot programs
 - set appropriate make environments to suppress errors and warnings
 - <string.h> isn't there in _STANDALONE case
 - put #ifdef TOSTOOLS (looks equivarent with !_STANDALONE)
   to some files in stand/tostools
 - use ${LD} ${LINKFLAGS} rather than ${CC} ${LDFLAGS}
- create raw binaries on ${PROG} target rather than on beforeinstall
 and stop weird renaming on beforeinstall and afterinstall
- print proper error message if bootxx size is larger than limit
- create ${DESTDIR}/usr/mdec/{milan,std} on beforeinstall
 in all boot programs
 (XXX: how can we put MD /usr/mdec/foo directories into src/etc/mtree?)
- prototype warnsfy
- cleanup Makefiles for readablity and remove unnecessary rules
- no need to use daddr_t in installboot because the AHDI label doesn't
 support 64 bit block numbers

I still wonder which is better whole overhaul like this
or minimum changes for entry point problem for pullups, though.
Izumi Tsutsui

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