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Re: bootloader issue

I wrote:

> Okay, now I've managed to get the problem.
> The aggressive gcc4 strikes us again.
> I'll check how we can make gcc put bootxx() at the top of the binary.

Could you try this one again?

All diffs against bootloaders:

- add asm sources which provide a fixed entry point for bootxx and bootxxx
- rename stand/Makefile.inc to stand/Makefile.booters and
  explicitly include it in each Makefile because stand directory
  contains non standalone programs like installboot and
  Makefile.inc will implicitly be included from all Makefiles in SUBDIRs
- put more common options into Makefile.booters so that
  all boot programs use proper options (-Os etc.)
- make these compile without installed ${DESTDIR}
  - create machine and m68k symlinks in ${.OBJDIR} in all boot programs
  - set appropriate make environments to suppress errors and warnings
  - <string.h> isn't there in _STANDALONE case
  - put #ifdef TOSTOOLS (looks equivarent with !_STANDALONE)
    to some files in stand/tostools
  - use ${LD} ${LINKFLAGS} rather than ${CC} ${LDFLAGS}
- create raw binaries on ${PROG} target rather than on beforeinstall
  and stop weird renaming on beforeinstall and afterinstall
- print proper error message if bootxx size is larger than limit
- create ${DESTDIR}/usr/mdec/{milan,std} on beforeinstall
  in all boot programs
  (XXX: how can we put MD /usr/mdec/foo directories into src/etc/mtree?)
- prototype warnsfy
- cleanup Makefiles for readablity and remove unnecessary rules
- no need to use daddr_t in installboot because the AHDI label doesn't
  support 64 bit block numbers

I still wonder which is better whole overhaul like this
or minimum changes for entry point problem for pullups, though.
Izumi Tsutsui

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