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Re: netbsd-4 install

David Ross wrote:

> Ok, I did an install with the kernel and sysinst from 
> http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/atari-4.0_STABLE-20090103/.  It 
> installs great (up until the bootloader issue of course).  No issues during 
> MAKEDEV, so that bug is confirmed fixed.
> I know David had also done some work to get his changes into netbsd-4.  This 
> could be duplicative, so you may want to check that any submitted changes 
> don't somehow conflict.

Fortunetely /bin/df entries in the list files are different lines
so cvs(1) will merge them without conflicts.

> One thing I noticed...  The netbsd-4 kernel in 
> http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/atari-4.0_STABLE-20090103/ is 
> several hundred KB smaller than 
> http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-ATARITT-4.0_STABLE-20081231.gz.
> Probably not an issue, just seemed strange to me.

Maybe because the formar was built with the build.sh script and
native netbsd-4 toolchain (4.1.2?), and the latter one was
with HEAD toolchain (the latest 4.1.3) by hand?

I guess gcc always becomes more aggressive ;-)
Izumi Tsutsui

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